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PerfectMagnet is UK and Europe's leading company specialising in the production of medallions, magnets, skins and accessories for the Philips PerfectDraft beer machine since 2017. Join the thousands of satisfied customers. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our products.

We are particulary proud to be the original designer for the PerfectDraft skins

Our Products

Medallions for the handle of the PerfectDraft

Medallions compatible with the front slot of the new PerfectDraft Pro

Kit designed to customize the handle, the top and the front of the PerfectDraft

Skins specially designed for small and large drip trays of your PerfectDraft

Flexible magnets to put at the front of the PerfectDraft

PerfectDraft Kegs | Stores locator

🆕 PerfectMagnet is not just about selling awesome magnets to PD owners, it's more. We are very active within the PerfectDraft community and want people to get the most out of their beloved machine. This is why we've built a map, which is shared across PD owners community in Europe, it lists stores selling kegs in UK, France, Belgium, Germany, etc. Feel free to have a look and contribute by adding your local store! 🆕

Contact Us

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