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Customize your PerfectDraft!

Maxi Magnet is a skin, a 4 part magnet kit designed to customized the handle, the top and the front of your PerfectDraft! Each kit includes:

    • 1 Large flexible magnet strip to cover the front (leaving the central display visible)

    • 2 Perfectly fitted flexible magnets for the top - to complete the strip

    • 1 Medallion matching the theme of the kit to really finish it off

PerfectMagnet is proud to be the original inventor and designer of PerfectDraft Skins.

💡 Our skins are fully interchangable! You can change the look of your PerfectDraft as you wish, without ever damaging it, thanks to the many models available.

Various themes

Each magnet included in the kit is tailored-made and cut to perfectly fit the design of the PerfectDraft. Explosive and colorful graphics, prepared by our graphic designer, will bring an awesome look to your beloved PerfectDraft!

A few themes are already available:

    • Bistro / Craft Beer

    • PerfectDraft Madness

    • Leffe, Bud, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Goose Island, Tripel K, Kwak, Jupiler, Trappe

    • Football, Rugby, Moto GP, Formule 1

    • Star Wars, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Simpsons, Video Games

    • Oktoberfest, St Patrick's Day

    • Guns n'Roses



15,90€ (~£13.65)