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Customize everything!

DripTray Magnet is a flexible magnet specially designed to personalise the drip tray of your PerfectDraft! It covers the original tray of the machine, revealing some drainage holes (the arrangement of holes change depending on the design).

DripTray Magnet loves beer! It is made from PVC, which makes it completely resistant to water (and beer!) which guarantees an impeccable hold over time. The UV printing process is also used to ensure an unalterable rendering of the drawings ... even in a humid environment.

Think about our Maxi Magnet skins for a total customization of your PerfectDraft!


Our DripTray Magnets are compatible with most drip trays, wheter large or small!

Make sure you choose the version that matches your PerfectDraft model. The image on this page will help you determine which size is most suitable for your machine.

⚠️ Only the very first model of PerfectDraft HD3600 (sold between 2005 and 2008), as well as versions with a plastic drip tray, are not compatible.


Small: 8,90€ (~£7.65) | Large: 9,90€ (~£8.50)