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Flexi Magnet

Flexi Magnet is an elegant and additional way to customize your beer dispenser...and see at a glance which keg is in use in your PerfectDraft.

Their square shape with rounded edges are designed to perfectly match the chrome space in front of the PerfectDraft.

Easy to install: just put it where you want it! The magnet takes care of the rest to ensure a perfect fit.

A perfect match

Flexi Magnets and Medallions complement each other perfectly for an optimal customization of your PerfectDraft.

The graphic design is the same on both products. They all have been adapted by our designer to perfectly fit the square shape of theses flexible magnets.

Durable and built to last

Hardly half a millimeter is the thickness of these flexible magnets ... not much thicker than a sheet of paper! They are nevertheless very strong, tear-proof and covered with a protective film. The high-resolution printing allows a faithful rendering of the images.


2,90€ (~£2.50)