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Our medallions

The handle of the PerfectDraft beer dispenser has a slot to insert a medallion with the brand of your favorite beer. With our medallion see at a glance which keg is in use in your PerfectDraft.

The range of original medallions is limited, almost impossible to find...and are often very expensive. We offer an alternative with our medallions. Our high quality products are with a matte finish, for a very affordable price...This is why most of our customers prefer them to the originals!

A range of more than 100 models available

When we love...we do not count! PerfectMagnet offers a catalog of more than 100 models: all the kegs references available on the PerfectDraft and much more...

Perfectly fit

Each medallion has a magnet on the back. It is perfectly sized to fit in the slot of the handle. Its rubber coating protects the surfaces and ensures optimal support: once in place, it does not move!

High quality

Each model is prepared by a graphic designer and printed in high resolution on polyester (resistant & waterproof) with matte redering. The result will give both a classy and modern touch to your PerfectDraft.


4,90€ (~ £4.20)